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Billy Porter – Wednesday 13th December

Alona Hotel Logo STARS

***SOLD OUT***
Wednesday 13th December 2023
From 7.30pm till Late

Ladies and gentlemen, get ready to be dazzled and delighted as the iconic comedian, Billy Porter, takes the stage at the prestigious Alona Hotel! Known for his unparalleled wit, charismatic presence, and impeccable sense of style, Billy Porter is a true force of nature in the world of comedy. With his larger-than-life personality and quick-fire delivery, he has won the hearts of audiences across the globe.

As the spotlight shines on the Alona Hotel’s stage, Billy Porter commands attention with his infectious energy and magnetic charm. From the moment he steps foot on the platform, you can expect an evening filled with uproarious laughter and moments of sheer comedic brilliance. With his razor-sharp observational humor, he fearlessly tackles a range of topics, offering unique insights and clever perspectives that will leave you in stitches.

Please note that this show is not for the easily offended. Billy Porter fearlessly pushes boundaries and explores edgy topics with his unique comedic style. His humor is known for its candidness and occasional use of adult language. While his intention is to entertain and bring joy, it’s important to be aware that some content may be provocative or controversial. If you have a light-hearted sense of humor and are ready to embrace an evening of unfiltered comedy, then this is the perfect event for you. However, if you are easily offended or prefer more traditional and mild comedy, we recommend considering alternative entertainment options.

Show ticket only £15
Wishing to Dine?

Enjoy a special evening with a 2 course Pre-theatre Christmas dinner prior to the show in the Glasshouse Restaurant and a ticket to the show for only £34.95 Per person

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