When it comes to the perfect wedding, the bride’s hair and make-up are just as important as the dress – after all who wants to spend the next twenty years looking back on smudged eye make-up and unflattering foundation.
And with COVID still casting a shadow, brides tend to be split into two camps according to industry experts, those that want to get their glam on and those who have become used to a more minimalist look.
For the queens of glamour, it’s all about metallics with shimmering eyes in sparkling blues and silvers, and bold lashes, teamed with elaborate hair.
However, there are those who have enjoyed a more natural look during lockdown, letting their real hair colour grow out and ditching the salon nails and fake eyelashes.
Whichever camp you fall into, one thing that is essential to achieving Instagram worthy looks, is great skin, according to the beauty experts.  Allowing three months to prep your skin, the best things you can do before the big day is to avoid stress and drink plenty of water.
And, of course, don’t forget glam or natural, perfectly shaped eyebrows are key too as they frame the eyes and can make a big difference to your final look.
At the Alona Hotel we can accommodate brides who might want their make-up artist or hairdresser to look after them on the morning of your wedding day.
And with a country park and a theme park next door, there are no shortage of amazing photo opportunities for that final glowing bride and guests.
To find out more about the bespoke packages available call Margaret on 01698 333888.

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